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What can I contact FlowerCat

Basically anything, as long as it’s not harassment or trash, sales letters, you can contact FlowerCat.

Based on the priority of the letter, basically 3 to 7 days will have a reply, if not wait until the reply is probably FlowerCat missed to read the letter, you can send it again.


Do you accept paid banners and article advertisements on the website?

Since FlowerCat is a million-level blogger, his blog network is also quite a lot.

If it is a paid banner or an article advertisement, you can propose, the price can be negotiated.


Teaching courses? Why haven't I seen it now?

The FlowerCat Creative course will now be available from December 2021.

Take the affordable price, unlike other music teaching courses, the maximum amount will not exceed 1800 taiwan dollars.

The course will focus on shorter or medium courses and will last at least 1.5 hours.


What kind of commercial proposal is FlowerCat willing to accept

Currently, FlowerCat does not accept proposals from CPA or Affiliate Marketing.

If there is a need for matching or advertising, the possibility of product promotion is assessed and advertised in powder specials, videos, or teaching courses.


Can I ask FlowerCat questions if I want to learn music?

In addition to doing business, FlowerCat is actually like to help others, you can once be a public welfare teaching musicians know.

So if you have a problem with learning music, you’re welcome to ask FlowerCat!


Can I ask FlowerCat to create a certain kind of course?

You can propose to FlowerCat!

Any proposal would be welcome, starting with music and then programming and affiliate marketing.

Any other proposals would also welcome.

There will certainly be a response, whether adopted or not, and there will be compelling reasons not to adopt it.