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Infinite creators, entrepreneurs who build dreams

The love of music allowed me to move forward and gradually became an entrepreneur in a creative media company and a teacher of online courses.

Entrepreneurship is always challenging, and I think only those who have passed by know how much suffering there is. But it is a fortunate thing to walk on the road that I am interested in.

Starting from the concept of public welfare, I became a musician.

Gradually tempered me, expanded my career, recruited like-minded and talented members from all over the world, and established a company in the United States.

I will start my career as an online teacher soon, and I believe there will be good results soon.


Senior programmer

Softek Computer Co. Ltd.

2010/01 – 2016/05

  • Constantly research the latest programming technology to break through the technical problems encountered by my company.
  • Teach company members programming skills and provide breakthroughs in various complex problems.
  • I am coping with emergencies, evaluation, and use of new tools and technologies.

Charity Teaching Musician

Taipei Star Clubhouse

2020/11 – 2021/09

  • Research on recording and regain passion for music.
  • Charity performance and online live streaming
  • Free charity teaching is prevalent among students.

Founder and CEO

FlowerCat Creative L.L.C.

2021/9 – Now

  • Try a variety of media production and distribution.
  • Looking at the worldwide, ambitious
  • Leader of FlowerCat The Evolution

There is no best, only better

Going all out is just a minimum threshold


Expertise and Skills



Skilled in programming


Expert in web design


Skillful in music-related knowledge


Simple and understandable teaching ability


A million NTD blogger

A million NTD blogger?

The top of the pyramid of affiliate marketing blogger

2017/6 – 2020/10

FlowerCat’s writing style is perfect, and logical thinking is clear, and the analysis is well-organized.

Therefore, in the market of alliance marketing, it has been successful in promoting a highly profitable and quite competitive product.

The product has decayed due to changes in the market environment. However, the income I earned at the beginning has become the basis for my entrepreneurship.

Cashier and Administration Commissioner

Softek Computer Co. Ltd.

2016/06 – 2017/05

After discussing the basics of business operations with the former company, I gave up high-paying high-level programmers. Instead, I turned to basic-level administrative commissioners and cashiers.

Among them, I have been exposed to many banking and post-office-related matters. Therefore, it has also become a source of skills to start a business.

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